Sunday, July 24, 2016

Books by the foot order

I ordered 2 boxes from boxed by the foot in February & these are what we got.

I got mine on sale, the toddler-preschool box for $14.99 & the bible theme box for $29.99. You do have to pay for shipping though, & mine was $43.82. Each book ended up being less than 50 cents each. I don't remember the exact number of books so I can't add it up again. But we got over 150 books. More information at the end of this post, after all the pictures.

As you can see the boxes stacked were as tall as my 4 year old! & they were filled to the tops, when I attempted to put all the books back I failed & couldn't get them all to fit, they pack these boxes so full & in different ways that when I tried to stack them inside they didn't fit.

That's most of the books we got. I am extremely pleased with what we got, & so are my kids. I will definitely be ordering more books from this site. Almost all of the books were used, however, we did get several that were new, & in plastic packaging. I love the educational books & the picture books. I actually use a lot of these in our home school preschool lessons. Books are great for helping children learn, especially my kids. I highly recommend this site & the boxes of books. They actually have quite a few different things on their website, not just the boxed books. They have subjects, & age range/ book theme types too.

Shipping was $43.82 by FedEx, one box weighed 45 lbs & the other weighed 46 lbs for a total of 91 lbs which is why shipping was so much. The Toddler-preschool box was $14.99 & the bible theme box was $29.99, so $44.98 total for boxes plus shipping that all adds up to $88.80.

I counted the books in the picture there are almost 130 bible theme books. & there are about 111 other books. So that's about 241 books for $88, which comes to 36 cents per book! I know we actually got more regular books, I just didn't get a picture because my kids were looking at some when I took these.

In my opinion, these books were well worth it. & it helped build our library & home school lessons too!

If you order from their site feel free to share you pictures on the comments section.

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