Thursday, April 23, 2015

Diy essential oil diffuers

Here's how I diffuse my essential oils around my apartment.

I'll update this & post pics once we move into our new house & I have all of these set up again.

Add a couple drops to a clothes pin & clip onto a fan & turn the fan on, I close my bedroom door when doing this so the aroma stays in my room since I have little ones.

Add a couple drops to a clothes pin & clip onto ur car air vent & turn on heat/air. I do this especially for my energy blend for my husband when he goes to work.

Add some coconut oil (I use unrefined cold pressed co) to a wax warmer, add a couple drops of eos, add ur tea light candle & light it. I have several of these in my living room & kitchen. Once it cools it will harden like the wax does because of the coconut oil.

Add a couple drops of eos to an unscented candle or tea light candle & light.

Take a store bought (dollar tree!) glass oil diffuser or a small vase, or a mason jar or any type of glass jar, add some some water & then add several drops of eos, mix in some vodka or witch hazel to keep it mixed, if u don't have those then do just the water & eos & occasionally stir. Cut some bamboo skewers (grilling or section in stores), Cut off the pointy tip or cut to the size u want & put in the jar, let sit for a few minutes & then flip, occasionally flip the skewers. I do this is my bathroom & bedroom.

Crafty Young Mama

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