Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kiinde Twist Review #1, Opening Products.

The Kiinde Twist System!

I am NOT getting anything for doing this review, I simply want other mamas to be able to see from my experience how this system works & what it looks like in real life & how to score a good deal. :)

All of this retails for $230, I only paid $82, & SAVED $148! This a new system & I cant wait to try it out with baby #3! 

The 2 big boxes at exactly the same. & they came with the Foodii gift set for making homemade baby food pouches!! Which is awesome because Ialso wanted this, & it saves me from buying another product that you can make the baby food pouches with. The big boxes also came with a 15% off a single Kiinde item coupon for Target, & a coupon code for $10 off $50+ Kiinde order at I'll definitely be using these coupons for more nipples & bags.

Since I'm only 12 weeks pregnant I'm just going to open the products & show you whats in the boxes & how to oh the bottle together. I will also tell you how I got this so cheap so you can too!

First of all, the PRICE!! I have attached screenshots of my email receipts so you can see them. I liked the Pregnancy & Newborn Magazines Facebook page & the Kiinde Facebook page. They post these deals on there a lot. A few months ago they gave this system away for free! However, the mamas are just now receiving their boxes. I had to pay shipping for mine which is ok because I got mine in less than a week, they shipped from UPS & then transferred to my local post off for delivery. 

I paid $12 & $5 shipping for the first box "Breastmilk Storage Set". 

I paid $60 & $8 shipping for the rest of the 3 boxes, Breastmilk Storage Set, Kozii bottle warmer, & the nipple brush cleaners. 

I also scored the storage holders from a local swap group for $5 each.
I also have $15 rewards money to Babies R Us from doing my Christmas shopping there & I will use that on a pack of 40 bags for $14.99.

So here's the pictures of me opening the products & showing the bottle put together.

Theres actually 2 boxes of these adapters ^, however, I accidentally deleted the picture of it.

Notice all the baby products that you can heat up in this warmer!

My next review for this product will be in September, a few weeks after baby #3 arrives, & after we have a chance to test this out.

Crafty Young Mama

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