Monday, January 19, 2015

How to fix a cracked or delaminated diaper!

Its been awhile since I've posted. A lot has happened this past year; Alakaid turned 3, Alice turned 1, & we found out we are expecting baby #3 August 28, 2015. We have big plans for this year, & God willing those plans will happen. I am hoping to have more posts the next few months until the new baby arrives, but my health & time may not allow that. So here's a post to help all of the cloth diaper mamas out there, especially my fellow Bumgenius addicts. If your from the mob, the Cotton Babies Mob that is, or my Cloth diaper sewing group please be sure to leave me a comment below!

I am doing all of this post from my phone using the Blogger app because my laptop is broke rite now. So I had to write, & edit this post & photos from my app so excuse any mistakes you see. Once I can get to a computer or get my laptop fixed I will be updating my entire blog! If you have any questions please comment below. 

So heres my awesome new post!

How to sew a new layer of pul to a cracked or delaminated cloth diaper!

I'm going to show you how I successfully added a new layer of pul to a Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diaper, without completely taking the diaper apart!

This was a trial & error process so ignore some of my mess ups & do what the description says. 

First, get your diaper; for this post I will be using Concrete Jungle & Retail Therapy. I purchased these diapers for $20ppd each last summer & they have been sitting in my desk "to fix" drawer since I received them. Im sure most of you know how much these diapers retail for on the swaps, so I got a great deal because they were both cracked, RT more than CJ, but they still worked. I never used them the way they were, I'm picky & didn't want to make it worse before I got a chance to fix them, & I didnt want to take a chance with leaks. So a few days ago I put on my crafty brain & figured out how to sew the new pul onto the diaper. It was much easier than expected.

-Just remember to go SLOW!! & be very CAREFUL!! when doing this process.
-This method can be easily adapted for other pocket diapers as well.
- Take pictures of the diaper in detail, especially seams & where the elastics are sewn on before starting just in case you need to look back. I did this but will not post those pictures.

Basically this is how I did it.

Step 1: Remove the top stitching, with your seam ripper, from the leg elastics & back elastics area ONLY!! Be careful not to rip the pul or inner fabric!

Step 2: Turn your diaper inside out. Cut your elastics off, be careful not to cut the pul or inner fabric.

Step 3: Lay out your pul & lay your diaper on it. Try to flatten the diaper out as much as possible. This was the hardest part because of the diaper being sewn together & since it had elastics before, it won't lay completely flat. The back was the worst part. I ended up cutting my pul too short on the bag & legs so I had to recut it. So pull the back & legs & smash the middle flat. Then trace around the diaper; make sure to leave about an inch around so u dont have to end up cutting again if it doesn't fit when u stretch it flat. Pin the diaper onto the pul before cutting the pul. Be sure to only pin on the outer parts of the diaper, that is where you will be sewing!!!! See my pictures of where I pinned & pin like I did. Then cut the pul on the line you traced.

Step 4: Start sewing at the left back part of the leg elastics by the left wing. Sew very slowing & make sure you are sewing only on the outer part of the edge, where the serging is, close to the edge of the diaper. Sew from the back leg elastic by the wing around the front to the end of the right back leg elastic. Then cut it off & start sewing at the top beginning of the back of the diaper to the other end of the back of the diaper.

Step 5: Trim the extra pul off the diaper.
Be careful not to cut the diaper, only the extra pul.

Step 6: Sew your elastics on the diaper. There are tons of tutorials for this so I'm just going to post the pics of how I did mine. Plus your diaper may be different if its not the say diaper as I'm using in the tutorial.

Step 7: Turn your diaper right side out. Pull your diaper tight & put it under your sewing machine where the old top stitching starts at the top of the leg elastic. Start sewing very slowly along the leg elastic to the end, be sure to back stitch at the beginning & end of top stitching. Repeat for the other leg elastic & the back elastic.

Your diaper is done & completely functional again!!

Please share this with your other cloth diapering friends! & I know there are going to be people who will be making money off of this, & I just want to say your welcome, & please leave a comment. If you have any questions please comment below, & if you find any mistakes in this post please let me know.
Also, please do not "rewrite" or "copy" my hard work. You may link back to my post, & that would be greatly appreciated.

Happy diaper fixing!

Crafty Young Mama


  1. Do you think this is possible for a flip? This is very crafty indeed. Very good!

  2. I tried your method on a BumGenius AIO and it worked great! The only difference is I left the PUL square until after I sewed it to the seams. Then I trimmed it.

  3. I've got another idea for fixing cracked pul covers. I'm thinking that you could make a gdiaper style insert (out of a rectangle of pul with elastic around the edges) and snap it into the cracked pul cover, gdiaper-style. Thoughts? I'm thinking the sewing would be easier, but you'd need either snap tape or snap pliers....

  4. I'm wondering how you would do this with an AIO. The snaps go through all layers. Would you have to remove the snaps and then replace them?