Saturday, January 31, 2015

How being a firefighter wife has changed my life!

Before I begin, its now 1:15 am & I have spend over an hour writing this post mainly to pass the time & this get out. So forgive me if there are any mistakes, as I'm an extremely tired pregnant mama whose waiting for her firefighter husband to return home from a fire call.

I need some firefighter wife friends! Only they will understand this. Husbands pager going off while ur falling asleep & scaring the crap out of u, & then ur so tired from staying awake because ur husband is on a fire call & theres absolutely no way u can sleep until he comes home. & the worst part not knowing when hes going to come home; it could be a long night or it could be another false alarm & he could walk through the door any minute.

Summer of 2013, my husband, Austin, put Alakaid in the stroller & went to the fire department & applied to be a volunteer firefighter. That day changed our lives & we never even knew it! After that our son loved fire trucks, they became his favorite thing.
Then February 2014, Austin got a call asking if he was still interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter. At this point, Austin had no job & was the stay at parent while I worked, but it wasn't working out, he couldn't hack it (which is why Im the stay at home parent). So, after him being approved by the city, the trainings began, & so did the changes in our life!

The number one thing I have learned from this experience is how much these heroes & their families loose out on time together. How much sacrifice is made so these amazing people can help strangers. & how much time & effort they actually put into it. Its not an easy job, especially because u have to know how to do ALL of the jobs!
This has not been easy for our family & what he is doing makes me love him even more because of how caring he is.

How many of u can honestly say u will jump out of bed when u hear that pager go off at 12am when u just started falling asleep?? Or u will drop whatever ur doing to go assist old people who need to go tk the hospital?? Would u be willing to heat up ur food multiple times & every time its done ur pager goes off & u end up eating it cold or over cooked by the time u get back home?? Would you be willing to go into a dangerous situation to save another humans life?? The most important, would you be willing to give up time with your family to go hold a hose to put out a strangers house thats on fire????

Most people do not realize how much sacrifice is done by all real life heroes, not just our firefighters & paramedics, its our police, military, doctors, anyone who has a special job that involves giving sacrifice to help another person.

You need to realize what the families go through too. I have had to learn to trust these men, these strangers, with my husband's life. I haven't even met all of the men who are watching my husband's back & helping him help others, & I still have to put my faith in these men that they will take care of my husband while hes away helping some person we dont even know.

The first fire my husband went to was an old friends parents house, & that night was an extremely long night. I was an emotional wreck! I couldn't wait for him to walk through our front door. & when he finally did, the relief I had was overwhelming. But I didn't show my husband the fears I had, I acted excited for him & asked him about it & listened to how he did something amazing. How he had the courage to do something iI couldnt do. It takes a lot of courage to hold a hose close to a fire or to just drive a big fire truck, much less run in & rescue peope. That night he was on the hose. I could see how proud he was when he was telling me about it & that's what he needed to see from me! I have been 100% supportive of his dreams, & this is one of them & I will not stand in his way. One of my husband's co-firefighters said to me last fall "I'm surprised you let Austin join the fire department considering how controlling you are over your kids." My response "I'm his wife, not his mother. These kids are my responsibility, I'm their mother, I protect them from harm. I'm Austin's wife, I support him, I dont tell him what he can & can not do." He was surprised by my reaction. I would never tell my husband he can't do something amazing, thats just crazy.

Through all the trainings, all the calls, & the time missed with Austin, our family has changed a lot! Im so proud of Austin, & it just proves to me that I married such an amazing & caring man. I wish I could say I found the one, however, he found me! Lol. He fell for me first, & he fell hard. I am so thankful my children have an amazing role model in their life. They will learn a lot of different things from both me & Austin. They will learn to be smart, caring parents with crunchy ways from me. & they will learn that helping people is always the right thing to do from their father, & also how to play video games (if he ever gets the time to play them). Our life is no where near perfect, but me & Austin work our hardest to give our children the best life we can, & that life involves my husband being a firefighter. 

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