Saturday, April 12, 2014

Diy No Sew Baby K'tan Carrier

I just made my own Baby K'tan Carrier & I saved a ton of money by upcycling some old t-shirts. Btw excuse the crappy pics of me.

Theres a link, at the bottom of this post, to the best & easier tutorial I have found to make a Baby K'tan Carrier. I've seen several tutorials & most of them u had to sew &/or were very confusing but not this one. I did this in like 30 seconds. Its super easy & only requires 3 tshirts, usually a size bigger than what u wear.

When I was pregnant with Alice I had to buy some bigger work shirts, I'm an XS so I bought some size small shirts from Wal-Mart, & I just quit my job today to be a stay at home mom, so now I had no use for these ugly purple shirts, so I upcycled them into this awesome baby carrier. I also used a t-shirt that was my husbands for the waist part because I didn't have any other tshirts I could use.

I plan to make more of these & in different colors. I will be going to goodwill & yardsales for some shirts to use soon.

& the best part of this carrier is you can easily customize it to your size, I'm really small so this carrier is perfect for me. & my small 3 month old daughter.

Also, some other great things about this carrier is how cheap, or free in my case, it can be made for, you can use any colors/print you want, how fast it is to make, how easy it is to put, you can carry baby in different positions, & its very trim so it will fit in a small purse or diaper bag!!!

Heres the link:

Happy Baby Wearing!!!


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