Sunday, February 2, 2014

Diy Diaper Sprayer Shield

When I was pregnant this past summer I went to Cotton Babies Mama to be tea & I loved that store. Well while I was there I saw a diaper sprayer pal (shield) & I immediately thought to myself hey my extremely old trash can that I dont use looks just like that. The sides connect & can come apart & the bottom comes off (see pictures). So I finally got around to making mine into a diaper sprayer shield.  Also this works with other trash cans if you find a small plastic trash can really cheap, & just cut out the bottom. I've also seen people use binders, but to me those are way too small & extremely flimsy. My trash is the perfect height & its not flimsy but it bends too. I've even seen people cut out the bottom of a bucket but that's way too much work & time! 

My husband loves it too. It has made cloth diapering so much better, faster, easier & cheaper!

This is how I made mine. Picture tutorial included.

I took the bottom off first, I just pulled it off.

Then I taped the sides really good with masking tape. Since my trash can was used for at least 10 years if not longer it has some holes in the sides by the part where it connects to the other side so I just put 2 layers of tape over it on both sides of the trash can (inside & outside).

Then I clipped a cloth diaper &/or insert onto the inside of the trash can with a clothes pin & sprayed my diapers off.

It works perfectly & no water gets on my toilet seat or anywhere else outside of the toilet.

When I'm done with it I usually spray it off & then set it in my bathtub to dry. Once it's dry or mostly dry I put it in between my toilet & shower (we have a small bathroom).

I love my diy diaper sprayer shield!


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