Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I found some pretty cool websites that you can get free samples & other free stuff. Some of them you have to log into Facebook in order to get the free stuff,  some require you to do a short survey or other things, & others just need your basic info. Either way, they do not take long at all. I signed up for at least 40 samples last night & it only took me about an hour, but I was also look at other websites too.
So here are the links to the websites:     (my favorite one, where I found most of the free stuff)            (has free stuff on there, you have to look through the coupons)            (click free magazines & sign up for a few free ones)            (I'm skeptical about this one)

Some of the deals on these sites have expired. Most of these sites take you to another website to sign up for the free stuff.

Follow this blog to find websites for the best coupons, free stuff, deals, & crafts.

Any questions or comments post them here.

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