Saturday, June 9, 2012

Singer Simple 23-Stitch Sewing Machine 2263 Review

I learned how to sew when I was 12 years old, so I am very good at sewing. I had a small mending/sewing machine, it was used for basic sewing like fixing a stitch or something little like that, however, I needed something better, that could do more than just the basic stitch. So for my birthday this year (in January) my husband bought me a Singer Simple sewing machine, he had no idea what to look for when buying the machine, all he knew was I needed/wanted one, Singer is a brand name, & the price was good ($98 from Walmart).
I was so excited, I opened it rite away & set it up. However, I am not so excited about it anymore, as a matter of fact, I hate this machine. If this machine would work like it was supposed to then I would be sewing every day & I would have tons of projects done. So I'm going to tell you why I hate this machine.

1. It took me several days to figure out how to use the automatic threader, the booklet is terrible at showing how to do this, I finally watched the video & figured it out on my own after I had a problem with the machine.
2. The needle gets stuck in the down position, because it hits the bobbin part of the machine.
3. The thread gets stuck in the bobbin area & it bunches up & leaves a lot of thread on the underside of my stitches, & most of the time it gets stuck after that happens.
4. The machine is very loud, I can't sew during the day when my husband is sleeping (he works nights) because it will wake him up. So I sew at night sometimes after my son goes to sleep, & a lot of times it wakes him up, but I have to keep sewing to get my project done.
4. There is no slow or medium speed, just fast or super fast.
5. The machine does not have a connector to connect tall/big thread, you have to use the small things of thread, or do what I do & put the stuff that goes in a kitchen drawer to keep things from moving around, under the machine & set the big thread on top of that to keep it in place.
6. This sewing machine is not meant to sew thick projects, when sewing 3 or more layers such as fleece with fabric the machine gets stuck & it does not move the fabric.
7. The machine gets very dusty from the thread because it gets stuck a lot & it leaves thread pieces behind which get stuck in your work or in the machine.
8. It is very hard to clean the machine, especially the bobbin area.
9. If you wind the bobbin thread to the top of the bobbin it gets stuck in the machine & makes your work look terrible.
10. When the machine gets stuck or the needle goes out of place sometimes the needle will leave black, brown, or gray marks on your fabric.
11. Sometimes when in reverse the fabric gets stuck & it continues to sew in the same stitch which leaves a big hole in that stitch.
12. You waste a lot of thread with this machine.
13. This machine does not do curves well at all, it only does straight lines, which aren't very straight.
1. The price is decent.
2. The automatic threader is ok when it actually works.
3. It's name brand.

Here is a link to the reviews from, some people don't have a problem with theirs, however, there are a lot of people that do, as you can read many of them have the same problem as I do.

Singer Simple 23-Stitch Sewing Machine 2263 is a piece of crap!!! I would not buy this machine again nor would I recommend this machine to anyone, even beginners or people who don't sew that often.

The only reason why I am keeping this machine is because, I can not return it to the store now, & it was a special gift from my husband & I don't want to upset him, & he knows how much I dislike this machine. However, I am going to be buying a new needle & seeing if that works better if not I will be calling singer & complaining.
Leave your comments if you have or had this machine & what you did to fix the problems.



  1. If you kept the box you can return it to walmart even without a receipt but you will only get store credit. You can always use it for now then return it when you save up enough for the next model. Sure it was a very thoughtful gift but its just not working out. he will understand. my husband works nights too. =]

    I have the same sewing machine but haven't had too many issues I can't work around. If I press the foot pedal lightly it goes slow and when I notice the needle stuck I stop and manually pull needle up, then I can continue to sew with no issue.

  2. Disclaimer: I'm a guy, and this is the first time I have used a sewing machine in 20 years.

    I borrowed my friend's Singer 2263 to make stuffed animals and fix a few things. I helped my friend do her own projects, and as a result, learned how to thread the machine, use the functions, and make something again.

    I agree. What a piece of crap! I experienced tons of thread jams. Thread bunching up underneath, bobbin didn't want to give up the thread to pass through the plate, zero speed control, and the list goes on. I hated the foot pedal too. No sensitivity to get slow speed, and as I sewed, the pedal would try to escape across the carpet instead of staying put.

    I seem to remember having less problems with my mom's old Singer. She even has my grandma's black Singer from ancient times...